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Buying guide:
Pillows, Duvets, Mattress toppers & protectors


Pillows are a very important part of your sleeping routine, and whether you are a front, back, side or even an upright sleeper! We have something made just for you. Use our handy guide to find your perfect choice.

The 4 different types of 'Sleeper'

Back Sleeper

Medium Firm Pillow

Great neck and spinal support.

Side Sleeper

Firm Pillow

Ensure your spine is kept straight.

Front Sleeper

Soft Pillow

Just the right amount of comfort for your front.

Upright Sleeper

Firm Pillow or V Pillow

Great to keep you in a supporting position.

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Duvet Tog Rating

The tog rating refers to effectiveness of a material's thermal insulation. Normally in the summer months you would go for a very thin/thin (4.5-7) rating, whereas in the winter you would go for a thick/very thick rating. For the autumn and spring months, select a duvet tog rating somewhere in-between.

Top Tip! Iron cotton when it is slightly damp. This will get rid of creases more effectively.









Mattress Toppers

Mattress Toppers can provide extra support and add comfort to an older mattress. The depth of mattress toppers can vary but all are designed to fit standard single, double and king sized beds.

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Types of Mattress Toppers

Memory Foam

Memory Foam

A Polyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature, memory foam moulds to the shape of an individual's body to offer great support and comfort. Also available in 6 zoned option to focus on specific areas of body.

Hotel Quality

Hotel Quality

Made up of a synthetic filling that has very tiny rolled hollow fibres, our Hotel Quality mattress toppers provide great loft and shape for a comfortable night’s sleep. Encased in a luxury 233TC cotton cover.



Made from soft duck feather the topper adds a supportive layer to your mattress with added insulation for those winter months - available in 3” and 5” depth. All encased in a luxury cotton cover.

Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors and pillow protectors are a good way to protect products from stains and moisture. All our protectors can be washed in the machine to revive them, and we also offer specialist waterproof mattress protectors. Don’t forget this when you purchase a new mattress to keep it fresher for longer!

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Pillow & Duvet Fillings

We have a great choice of synthetic and natural fillings available. Synthetic Fibres are the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and comes in a variety of densities and technologies, from basic hollow fibres to luxurious microfibre blends. Natural Fibres are breathable, light and often seen as more luxurious but may not be the ideal choice for some allergy sufferers.

Top Tip! Most natural duvets must be professionally cleaned, but the majority of synthetic duvets can be machine-washed.

Natural Fillings

A blend of duck feathers and fluffy down creates a soft and cuddly pillow, which provides light support for the head and neck. Offering warmth, comfort and durability, it is also a luxurious filling for duvets and mattress toppers.
Duck feather products offer excellent durability and are a popular option as they are usually inexpensive and long-lasting. Soft and easy to shape, feather pillows provide light support and are ideal for front or back sleepers. Duck feather duvets are the perfect choice for a warm and cosy night’s sleep during cold weather.
For added luxury, choose goose feather over duck for a softer and more comfortable night’s sleep. Goose feathers are lighter, softer and larger than duck feathers.
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Synthetic Fillings

With Polyester fibre that has a hollow centre, this synthetic filling ensures that the product is warm, light yet breathable too. A popular and affordable choice, synthetic pillows and duvets are easy to care for, lightweight and suited to many sleeping styles.
Designed to combat the development of dust mites, anti-allergy filling is a worthwhile investment for those who suffer from asthma, eczema or rhinitis.
Manufactured with a unique fibre fill which draws moisture into the outer layer of fabric where it is quickly evaporated, thermal control filling maintains your perfect temperature no matter what time of year.
A standard hollow fibre crimped to give extra lift and shape to the filling. Super Bounce pillows have great rebound properties and offers medium to firm support.
A blend of Polyester hollow fibre and micro fibre. The Micro fibre is very fine, making the duvet light yet insulating at the same time.
Made up of very tiny rolled hollow fibres which give the product loft. Used for our Hotel Range Pillows to ensure shape is long lasting and comfort is never compromised.
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Top Tips

Here are a few tips to help you sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed:

1. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, even at lunchtime as it can stay in your system for up to 12 hours.
2. Try to eat your evening meal at least 2 hours before you go to bed and avoid food that’s likely to cause indigestion.
3. Stress and anxiety can stop us from getting to sleep, so before you go to bed, write down everything you need to do the next day. This can help you feel more in control and be able to relax for a better night’s sleep.
4. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Sticking to a regular routine will help get your body get used to sleeping for a set period.
5. Make sure you choose the right mattress, pillow and bedding to help you get comfortable in bed. View our collection here.
6. Make sure your bedroom is the right temperature. Most people sleep better in a cooler room – 18 degrees is ideal.
7. When it’s dark your brain secretes a hormone called melatonin that helps you feel sleepy, so make your bedroom as dark as possible with blackout blinds or curtains, and avoid brightly lit screens at bedtime.

How much sleep do we get?

According to the National Sleep Foundation the ideal length of time we should spend sleeping is around 8 hours (adults).*