Recreate Bake Off Spice Week At Home

As fun and flavour-filled as ever, this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off hasn’t failed to disappoint. And as the class of 2018 whisk, stir and fold their way through countless culinary challenges, we can’t help but grow increasingly fond of them - which is why ‘Spice Week’, was always going to leave us with a particularly bitter aftertaste...

For those of you that didn’t already know, Terry’s absence (AKA: ‘the guy with the moustache’) from last week’s installment left the judges in agreement that nobody should be sent home. And it was, quite simply, a magical moment.

Well, until they almost immediately alluded to a double eviction during Spice Week, that is.

Yep, while Spice Week - a brand new theme for Bake Off - had been eagerly anticipated from the very start of the series, the looming double dismissal left viewers especially anxious. After all, how could we possibly say goodbye to TWO bakers in ONE episode?!

The mere concept of this fruitless fate was almost too much of a travesty for us to take - and judging by last night’s series of events, the heat in the kitchen was just as unbearable for some of the bakers as it was for us viewers…

Yep, while some contestants succeeded in spicing up the lives of Prue and Paul, other’s left them praying for something sweet to counteract the somewhat ‘unsavoury’ snacks…

If you still haven’t seen last night’s episode and you’re currently avoiding social media to bypass any spoilers, it’s time to speed up your scrolling and skip to the recipe part of this post. If on the other hand you’re keen to catch up on the goss', here’s my easy-to-digest summary of Spice Week.

What Happened In Spice Week

1. Terry returned to the tent and we were all rejoiced in being reunited with him and his moustache

2. Terry’s return to the Bake Off tent wasn’t quite the comeback of the century we’d been hoping for, and his ginger cake for the signature challenge looked, well, a mess (sorry, Terry, we still love you dearly)

3. Rahul, on the other hand, excelled once again and bagged yet another Hollywood handshake

4. Rahul apologised for being a great baker...again

5. For the technical challenge, bakers were tasked with making ma’amouls. Nope, we’ve never heard of a mamool either, but we can confirm this is ‘a delicate spiced pastry’

6. Terry’s baking blunders weren’t over just yet and his ma’amouls melted with just one minute of the challenge left

7. Ruby came first in the ma’amoul challenge, with Karen coming in final place, and Terry in 8th

8. For the showstopper, bakers were challenged with a very fiddly old task indeed - a ‘spiced biscuit chandelier’

9. Dan showed off his sassy side whilst complaining to Paul about the entire challenge being ‘ridiculous’ - awkward...

10. Terry experienced a fresh new series of disasters - burnt biscuit swans, a biscuit turtle dove with a broken neck...we could go on

11. Kim Joy’s biscuit chandelier was a snowy, icy spectacle in biscuit form and she went on to be crowned Star Baker. Yay!

12. Terry and Karen failed to survive the double elimination and 9 bakers became 7

Ginger Cake Recipes

Vegan Ginger Cake - Domestic Gothess

Completely vegan and just as tasty as it is beautiful, this delicious vegan ginger cake from Domestic Gothess, Hannah, is a must-try for all you meat and dairy-free darlings out there.

Described by Hannah herself as ‘a moist, sticky, spicy sheet cake that is full of flavour’, this scrumptious cake takes just 50 minutes to prep and cook, and it’s just amazing. I especially love the way the sweet and zingy lemon glaze compliments the sharp taste of ginger. Yummy!

Stella’s Sticky Ginger Cake - Lucy Loves

What could be better than a freshly baked sticky ginger cake?

This fabulous recipe from Lucy Loves is super easy to follow and one of those that you’re sure to go back to time and time again.

With just 8 simple ingredients required, this cake is rich, decadent and tasty - the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of tea or coffee. Yummy!

Warm Gingerbread Cake With Lemon Sauce - Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Mum of three and self-professed ‘daydream adventurer’ Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary certainly knows a thing or two about baking, and this indulgent warm gingerbread cake with lemon sauce is simply delicious.

Topped off with a sweet lemon drizzle sauce, this cake is mouthwateringly tasty and takes just 15 minutes to prepare. Amazing!

Ma’amoul Recipes

Date Ma’amoul - Cardamom And Tea

Prepare to bag your first ever Paul Hollywood handshake as your rustle up these tasty date ma’amouls from Cardamom and Tea.

Delectably aromatic and bursting with luscious flavours, these ma’amouls might not be the easiest thing you’ll ever bake, but the end result will definitely be worth it!

For a show stopping finishing touch dust your ma’amouls with some snowy white icing sugar.

Ma’amoul Cookies (Date Stuffed Cookies) - Cooking With Sapana

Showcase your inner star baker and transform your kitchen into your very own Bake Off tent with this amazing ma’amouls recipe from Sapana at Cooking With Sapana.

With just seven simple ingredients required, these ma’amouls will take half an hour to make from start to finish. Amazing!

Image Source: Cooking With Sapana
Image Source: Cooking With Sapana

Ma’amoul Hamantaschen - Busy In Brooklyn

Pop your pinny on and pull out the rolling pin - it’s time to get your bake on.

This Ma’amoul Hamantaschen recipe from Busy In Brookyn is super easy to follow and promises to make a bach of ma’amouls so good they’re ‘melt in the mouth delicious.’

Buttery, crispy and fabulously full of flavourk, these ma’amouls promise to satisfy any sweet tooth. Yummy!

Biscuit Chandelier

Unfortunately, as Dan so awkwardly pointed out during last night’s episode, biscuit chandeliers aren’t even ‘a thing’. So, unfortunately, on this occasion, I can’t share a show stopper recipe with you! However, if this blog post has inspired you to get creative in the kitchen, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve got tons of high quality baking essentials available to buy.

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