Q&A With Lisa Snowdon - JD Williams AW18 Swimwear Collection

LIsa Wears: Simply Yours Macrame Bandeau Swimsuit
Lisa Wears: Simply Yours Macrame Bandeau Swimsuit

At JD Williams, we advocate women aged 45+ living their best lives and we believe that every woman should be able to look just as fabulous as she feels. We understand the importance of fashion that fits and we’re all about encouraging women in their midster years to have as much fun as possible - something Lisa Snowdon, the face of our latest swimwear collection, champions completely.

Yorkshire born model and TV presenter, Lisa Snowdon, 46, embodies everything we wanted this swimwear collection to be. Comprising a range of sculpting bikinis, stylish high-neck one pieces and chic cover ups, this collection has been expertly designed to fit and flatter the midster silhouette, giving women aged 45 and over the confidence to strut their stuff and feel body-beautiful. We wanted the face of this collection to personify everything the campaign stands for, and Lisa ticked every single box.  

Lisa’s good looks and winning personality have forged her a long and successful career in the limelight. A red carpet regular and presenter of many popular TV shows, looking great and having a keen eye for fashion has always been important for Lisa, even at the start of her career. But, despite admitting she ‘looked fabulous’ in her earlier years, Snowdon revealed she’s at ‘a really happy place’ in her life right now, and this contentment shone through on the shoot. Lisa, whose boyfriend, George Smart, recently popped the question, is simply glowing, and her and zest for life is completely infectious. Her positive energy is inspiring, and we couldn’t wait sit down and have a chat with her about all things fashion, body-confidence and leading a colourful life.

JD Williams believes that women aged 45+ are living their most challenging and exciting lives. Is this true for you, and what is your attitude and approach to your ‘Midster’ years?

This is why I love what JD Williams stands for, because I think being the age I’m at now, I feel fabulous and I’m at a really happy place in my life. I have a really good work/life balance and have some really gorgeous people in my life. People think being 45 is a bad thing, but at 45 plus, you still want to feel sexy and you still want to go out and have fun. Life is definitely not over when you reach your Midster years, and I am definitely living my best life right now.

Magisculpt High Neck Swimsuit
Magisculpt High Neck Swimsuit

Are there any years in your life you would like to re-visit?

No. I don’t agree with going back in time at all. I think at this age, it’s all about the experiences we’ve had, the life lessons you’ve had makes you a stronger, more empowered person, even if you’ve been through some crappy times. I’m totally happy where I am now. Sometimes I look back at pictures of me in my earlier years and think ’god you looked fabulous’. We’re all very self-critical and I think as you get older, we become more self-accepting and you realise there’s so much more going on in the world and in your life that it’s not just about how you look, and that’s really liberating.

What has been your most ‘life–defining’ moment so far?

I think being with George has been massively life defining because we are so compatible and he is my best friend. We fit perfectly and it’s a really nice feeling having a partner and feeling like you're part of a team - I’ve never had that before. I think also when I got poorly with meningitis that was a massive wakeup call. When you get ill you can’t help but take a step back and think ‘my god’, my health is so important and sometimes we strive to achieve so much, but actually it’s about balance. So getting sick and being in a hospital bed for ten days taught me that your health is your most important thing. It made me reflect and take stock and realise that life is about balance.

How do you feel about cosmetic procedures?

There are lots you can do without going under the knife, facials and at home beauty regimes that you can follow, lots of beauty supplements as well as a good diet and just being happy and embracing those little imperfections you might have as you get older. We’ve earnt them, I think age is a privilege and that’s something we need to embrace a bit more.

Lisa Wears: Simply Yours Panelled Bandeau Swimsuit
Lisa Wears: Simply Yours Panelled Bandeau Swimsuit

How do you stay in shape? E.g. diet/exercise?

I found this new amazing class which I’m slightly addicted to; it’s in central London called ‘Define London’. It’s a bar class, it’s a really intense, 30 minute blast. The music’s wicked and you’re literally dripping in sweat when you leave. I’ve really noticed the difference in my body since going, it’s nipped my waist in and I just feel stronger. I do have to work a bit harder now I’m older, my metabolism has slowed down quite a lot.  I can’t eat as much as I used to even though I still put quite a lot of food away. I also walk a lot and I do zero gravity reformer Pilates.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate and wine and holidays - and food in general. I love a cheeky Rose in the summer and I quite like a bit of reality TV too.

Describe your style

I love fashion and I think it should be fun and something that should be played with. I like to dip in and out of styles, some days I think to be hippy and boho, others quite tailored, with jackets and boyfriend jeans with converse, I like to have fun and experiment. I wear a lot of prints and colour, like silky pyjama suits. It tends to change from season to season and I make the most of being a girl, we have so much to choose from. As long as I have good underwear on – a good fitting bra, I feel good.

When do you feel you look your best?

When I’ve got a great team around me on a fabulous photoshoot! When I’m looking after myself and exercising, it enables me to eat what I want and also releases those feel good endorphins otherwise I can start feeling quite down.  I walk a lot, I exercise, also when I’m with George, that’s when I feel my best. Exercise has to be a factor in it and if I don’t exercise, as I get older I really notice the difference. It gives me that time to process stuff, when you’re in your class you’re not on your phone, nothing else matters and you’re in the zone and doing something for you is really important.

Lisa Wears: Simply Yours Strap Detail Bikini Top
Lisa Wears: Simply Yours Strap Detail Bikini Top

The JD Williams ‘Midster’ report revealed that dating is easier for women aged 45 + nowadays, with almost 6 in 10 agreeing there is less stigma attached. Do you agree?

I totally agree, I’ve got loads of fabulous friends in their forties and beyond who are having the best time of their lives. I think a lot of women are now taking really good care of themselves, we’re more educated about things like diet which can make a real difference.  About 20 years ago, 40 was considered middle/old age, but that has completely changed now. We’re more educated and we’re looking fabulous, there is no age limit! From my experience (actually my friend’s experience) there are LOADS of younger men who are into older women. I think they find our confidence and life experience really attractive. Everyone’s looking good, age is just a number, we don’t let that hold us back anymore.

Has your attitude towards body confidence changed in your forties?

Yes it has. When you’re younger you really obsess over things, you wish this wasn’t there or you could pull that back. I think as you grow older you become less self-obsessed and realise there’s more important things than how you look. Just go to a class, eat well, have a laugh with your mates, have a glass of wine and enjoy yourself. You have to pick your battles and its more about self-acceptance and with that comes a confidence and I think that’s what changes when you’re older. You start appreciating what you’ve got and realising as soon as you start liking who you are as a person life becomes much easier.

What you think of age diversity in fashion advertising – do you feel your age group is well represented?

No I think we should be seeing more older women in ads, and that’s why I love working with JD Williams, because they’re really trying to campaign for older women. I love seeing Eve Hertzigova and Linda Evangelista and Isabella Rosselini and these women who are just ageless, gorgeous, timeless beauties in campaigns. I love to see classic beauties and women of all ages because let’s face it, we’re the ones who are spending all the money! So can you just try and appeal to us a bit more?! Society needs to start appreciating that beauty comes in all shapes sizes and ages.

Lisa Wears: Simply Yours Moulded Bikini Top
Lisa Wears: Simply Yours Moulded Bikini Top

You recently took part in a shoot for JD William’s swimwear collection; did you have a favourite piece?

The shoot was amazing; we had a pretty much all girl crew, a female photographer, it was a really lovely vibe on set.  It’s hard to choose my favourite because all the pieces fitted me really well and looked really good. I think the navy two-piece bikini was my favourite - navy is such a classic colour and the fit of the bikini top had structure in it and I like to have a cup with a bit of padding which gives you a bit of support and cleavage. I also loved the stripy swimsuit, it was really graphic cool print and, most importantly, was comfortable. It nipped me in at the waist gave me some tummy support and a bit of ruching. I thought the colours with the gold looked really stylish.

JD Williams designs its clothes to ‘fit and flatter’ with the 45+ silhouette in mind, how has your personal style changed in the last few years?

I think it has, I don’t wear as many short skirts as I used to, I like to cover up a bit more. On This Morning I often have my arms or legs out though, there are certain styles I’ve found I feel more comfortable in now.

Who are your style icons?

I really like Olivia Palmero, I think she’s got unique style and puts things together in a way that I wouldn’t think to. I think she’s quite wonderful in her experimental style - it looks very thrown together. For red carpet glamour, I love Julianne Moore, I think she always looks beautiful. Cate Blanchette is also super cool.

You recently got engaged, will you be taking your bridal inspiration from any famous celebrity weddings?

No, I don’t think so. I haven’t even tried on any dresses and everyone says that’s the first thing you should do and I just can’t be bothered. I’m lucky I’ve had lots of photo shoots where it’s all about me that I don’t feel like I need that attention, I can’t think of anything worse! I think when I find the right dress it will all fall into place. George and I are so happy, but people are always asking us ‘no plans? Are you ok?’ We’re just very happy and content in how we’re living at the moment, so there’s no rush. This year we’ve had lots of birthdays, weddings and holidays and there hasn’t been enough time to plan things. I’d quite like to run away and do it, whereas George is traditional and would like to do more of a church wedding so we need to find a happy medium - so watch this space!

You can recreate Lisa’s pretty poolside looks by shopping our AW18 swimwear collection, available online now.

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