15 Experts Reveal Best Storage Solutions for Utilising Space

We’re all on the hunt for that little bit of extra storage space in our homes which is why we’ve turned to the experts for their best advice around storage solutions. Not only is it a fresh new year so the perfect time to freshen up your home but January is also National Get Organized month. Have you made organisation and decluttering as part of your New Year’s resolution perhaps?

Although getting organised could be applied to many areas of your life, we’ve decided to focus specifically on the home and getting organised with the space that you do have. No matter what the current state of your home is (whether it’s perfectly pristine or in need of some TLC) we can all take some advice from these experts for home storage solutions and smart storage solutions. We’ve managed to get in touch with some leading names in the home industry including interior design consultants, organising stylists, as well as professional organising and decluttering experts.

We asked all the below experts one simple question:

“What would you say is your best tip in regards to creative storage solutions for utilising space in the home?”

And you can find all their responses to this question below. We’d like to thank all of the experts for getting involved in this feature. Please be sure to share with your family and friends if you find the article useful!

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Sweet Dreams Venetia Velvet Divan Base
Sweet Dreams Venetia Velvet Divan Base with Gaslift Storage Ottoman
Jasper Storage Coffee Table
Jasper Storage Coffee Table

Chrissy HaltonOwner of Organise My House

Chrissy Halton

"My best tip without a doubt is to use the vertical space in every area of your home as well as the surfaces and cupboards etc... You can really maximise the storage capacity of a space when you go vertical as well!

Some ideas that work really well: -

1. Wardrobes - move your existing rail up, and add another underneath to double up on shorter hanging space
2. Add in extra shelves in cupboards - often there is a LOT of wasted space under each shelf (a shelf basket can also work really well as this hangs on the shelf above, and creates an extra storage compartment below it).
3. Add suction baskets in bathrooms on the wall tiles. In showers you can add your toiletries, and by the bath these are a great way to house kids bath toys so that they can drip dry but be neat and tidy.
4. Hanging storage works fantastically for soft toys in a children's room (toy hammocks are a great option and look fantastic!)
5. The backs of wardrobe doors can be used for small hooks to hang jewellery and accessories
6. The backs of bathroom doors can house hooks for towels
7. Over the door hangers can house bags and coats on a Bedroom door or hall cupboard."

Gemma Bray - Creator of The Organised Mum Method

Gemma Bray

"When trying to maximise storage in the home I always advise people to look up! They are always surprised to see how much space is wasted at the top of their cupboards and wardrobes. Try for yourself and have a look around your home to see if there are any cupboards that could take an extra shelf. You’ll be surprised at how much space you can gain. Put in an additional shelf and voila! You’ve gained secret storage that you didn’t know you had."

Elisabetta Rizzato - Creator of ITALIAN BARK - An Interior & Design Blog

Elisabetta Rizzato

"Collect moments not things
Getting rid of what you are not using anymore is the best way to save space and to find space for the things you really love!"

Susan Santoro - Professional Organizer and Blogger - Organized 31

Susan Santoro

"My favorite secret for organizing any space is to choose furniture that has added storage space. Rather than just using a coffee table or end table with a top and four legs, use one that includes a shelf or drawers. Use an ottoman that provides hidden storage when the top is lifted. Select a nightstand that includes drawers and shelves. Use a bed frame with built-in drawers. A simple furniture choice can add significant storage space without adding additional pieces of furniture, so you save space and money."

Kate Ibbotson - Professional Declutterer/Organiser - A Tidy Mind

Kate Ibbotson

"With regards to creative storage solutions, many people under-utilise their wall space.  Instead of bulking out the floor level of a room, use the height as much as possible. Such as in the case of floating shelves, vertical storage e.g. shelves built around doors, floor to ceiling shelving, wall storage or even adding a mezzanine level.  Storage units can even be suspended from the ceiling so that they don’t take up any floor or wall space.

Another great tip (especially for compact spaces) would be to incorporate storage into areas which are already on display and have another function i.e. ottomans, beds, sofas, under stairs and coffee tables."

Emily McCrary - Brand Editor - House Method

Emily McCrary

"Use walls and corners to your advantage. Look up to find extra space in the form of open shelving that can easily climb walls, and consider corners as bonus storage space for bookshelves, a makeshift closet, or even an office.

Any home will quickly close in when allowed to clutter. Give everything its place behind a cabinet, door, or drawer, or let beautiful items live on tabletops, shelves, and in baskets. If everything has its place, keeping tidy and neat will be that much easier.

Choose furniture that pulls double duty. This could be as simple as using a trunk as a coffee table, allowing a large kitchen island to double as a dining table, or mounting hooks on the side of a bookshelf."

Stacey Sheppard - Freelance Writer and Blogger - The Design Sheppard

Stacey Sheppard

"My top tip for creative storage solutions is to look up! Most homes have a lot of dead space up near the ceiling so you can find valuable extra storage potential up there. Try putting up shelves above windows and doorways. In bathrooms these shelves can be used to store towels, toilet paper or baskets for toiletries. In living rooms it can be a useful space for books, plants or decorative accessories and in kitchens it can be used to store cook books or or any equipment that is rarely used but still necessary."

Jennifer Woch - Interior Design Consultant - House of J Interiors

Jennifer Woch

"I truly believe that organization is a key element in finding more storage space! For example, I love using inserts such as trays and dividers in drawers in not only kitchens, but bathrooms, desks, dressers etc. These internal dividers can really help organize a drawer and actually allow you to fit in more in many cases. Another example is organizing a linen cupboard with baskets or bins. Rolling towels into a large basket or keeping your extra toothpaste tubes and brushes in a large jar. Giving everything it's own place allows for more storage and also more efficient storage. The added bonus is that it often looks more stylish too!"

Andrew Mellen - Organizational Expert and Public Speaker - Andrew Mellen

Andrew Mellen

"Don’t forget “wasted spaces,” meaning spaces that are easy to overlook. There are often spaces under stairs, high up in closets, and in the back and tops of cupboards that are underutilized.

A simple shelf, rack or other hack can quickly recapture these spaces. This immediately expands usable storage in your home AND reduces the need to pack or stack items in other places in ways that make interacting with them awkward. Not everything needs to be at one’s fingertips — and often, infrequently used items can find a home in one of these wasted spaces."

Rachel-Elizabeth Mitchell - Founder of Please Organise Me

Rachel Mitchell

"At Please Organise Me we always recommend that you always declutter and organise before you buy any storage solutions. This way you can see what items you actually need to find storage for, and you can find storage solutions that will work for you and your possessions in the designated space you have. Don't forget that your possessions usually fall into two categories. Items that are aesthetically pleasing that you want to have on display and everything else.

As the majority of our clients tend to have limited space in their homes, we help them find storage solutions that are multi functional. We love coffee tables that are slick to look at but have built in practical storage options too. Like the Jasper Storage Coffee Table at J.D Williams. A rather good looking piece of furniture that can hide children's toys or any number of things that build up over the day that you don't want to look at when you're relaxing in the evening.

One of our pet hates is tea boxes and a bag of sugar left out on on worktops. We totally recommend investing in some stylish and practical canister containers. This purchase will prevent your kitchen having that student feel. Win, win, what's not to like!"

Leticia Pfeiffer - Organizing Stylist - Styled and Organized

Leticia Pfeiffer

"When trying to determine how to organize a space, closet or drawer, start by placing the most used items—items you need everyday—at eye level or nearest to the opening.  Then place heavy items in the back or closer to the floor and large, light items near the top of your storage area.  Containerize like items together with a label to create stylishly organized spaces."

Laura Ellis - Owner of Organized by Ellis

Laura Ellis

"One of the most common questions clients ask is, what to do with deep shelves in cabinets and closets? It’s tricky, if you fill the entire shelf with items you can’t get to the stuff in the back. Who knows what’s back there? The solution is to put your items into long containers to use the whole depth of the space. The container acts like a drawer on the shelf. Plastic will slide in and out very easily. Stack items vertically inside the containers, like a filing system, so everything is easy to use and easy to put away. Really, containers for deeps shelves are a life-saver."

Rachel Burditt - Owner of The Declutter Darling

Rachel Burditt

"I try and accommodate budget friendly solutions as we can't all afford the glamorous instagram-able solutions you see in many websites/blogs etc!

I utilise every "free" container that come into my home. Shoeboxes are a great solution for keeping small items folded neatly in drawers, especially clothing, they are also a great solution for toys/puzzles/games. I have quite a few under my sofas that are labelled and can be pulled out easily by my children to play with their toys.

I also use things such as empty plastic fruit containers and chocolate boxes (the large round ones) for food storage in my cupboards - the round ones make a great alternative to a lazy susan in hard to reach cupboard corners!

In terms of small spots, a hook can be invaluable.
I use command hooks on the backs of doors for hanging all kinds of things - kitchen utensils, washing up brushes, saucepan lids etc.
In my cupboard under the stairs, it's a tiny space, so I use hooks all over the walls for bags, coats, umbrellas etc. It keeps the floor space super clear and decluttered."

Sally Walford - Professional Declutterer and Organiser - Declutter Me

Sally Wolford

"I think hooks/over the door hangers are an amazing storage solution for any room.

Over the door hangers can be utilised for towels, dressing gowns, coats.
They are great space savers and really good to use for organisation.
For example use them for your underwear, with an over the door hook facing inside your cupboard, hanging bras up will give you more cupboard space as well as keeping them in shape and easy to see which colour/style at a glance.

Always think outside the box, I have adhesive hooks on the inside of my kitchen cupboards for my rubber gloves and tea towels, plus an over the door small shelf which I use for my herbs and spices.

Airing cupboard
If you are short on space an ironing board can be tricky to hide but a metal over the door hanger with 6 hooks can hold your board as well as keeping it out of the way.

Children’s toy storage
Using the hooks to hold long nets to keep soft toys in is a great way to store toys. You can also get waterproof hooks to hang nets in the bathroom for all of those bath time games."

Jasmine Sleigh - Director of Change Your Space Devon

Jasmine Sleigh

"When it comes to clothing, I am always recommending to clients the slim line velvet hangers for clothing as you can fit at least a third more clothing in your wardrobe, hung with dignity! Plus they look very stylish when they are all matching. I have sourced black ones, lovely cream ones (I have these in my wardrobe) and red hangers for a client that was fond of that colour. A super investment."

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