10 Mindfulness Tips for a Healthy Mind & Soul

by JD Williams
Mindfulness picture on a window ledge

There’s no time like the present to take personal inventory, look inwards and focus on your health and wellbeing. If we take the time to look after ourselves, then we’re more likely to be able to look after others too. As well as looking after your health & fitness at home, it's just as important to nurture a healthy mind and soul to be your best, happiest self. To practice mindfulness means paying attention to your thoughts and emotions, as well as helping to ease a busy mind.

How To Do Yoga at Home

by Grace Mitchell

Here at JD Williams, we believe the best way to use our free time is to spend it doing something new, or more of what we love. When we’re at home and all of our cleaning, tidying and familial responsibilities are done, but we’ve still got some energy to spare, channelling our minds into a state of meditation is the best way to give ourselves undivided attention. There are lots of benefits to doing yoga and it’s something we can take advantage of in the comfort of our own homes.

8 Scrumptious Smoothie Recipes To Try At Home

by Grace Mitchell

A vibrant medley of vitamins and delicious flavours, not only do smoothies make for a super scrumptious snack, they’re also perfect for stocking up on those all-important health-enhancing nutrients, too. And at this time of year especially, they’re a particularly popular picking indeed.