Great shoes to help you fulfill your News Year’s resolution.

The new year is upon us, and if you’re anything like us you’ve probably made about 2016 resolutions for the upcoming year – resolutions that you secretly know will be out of the window come February 1st. Well, not this year. This January we’ve got a few tips to help you fulfill your resolutions properly, and they come in the form of shoes.

Yes, weird as it sounds, finding the right footwear to carry out the promises you made to yourself last December will spur you on to keep going. Just like buying a new sports top makes you feel motivated for a full day session at the gym, a new dancing shoe by the door will remind you to keep up with those salsa classes you signed up to on New Year’s Eve. So whatever your resolution for this year, check out which shoe will help you make it come true …


1: Totally revamping your wardrobe

Apparently a complete wardrobe re-fresh is one of the most popular resolutions among women. Once January has come around, it’s easy to realise that the clothes you bought this time last year are already outdated and out of fashion. If you’re vowing to keep up with the trends this year, watch out for mules, flatforms, and silver hues hitting the high streets.

2: Getting outdoors more

After a year of hibernating and being too busy to enjoy nature, a popular resolution is to get out and explore the great outdoors more often in the coming year.  If you buy yourself a great pair of weather-proof boots, you’ll need an excuse to wear them, forcing you out into the fresh air more often. Although these boots were made for walking, that’s not just what they’ll do. They’ll also make your feet look fabulous as you trek, ramble, or hike your way to victory.

3: Sorting the house out

We start the year with such good intentions, but after a few months bulbs break and carpets get dirty, making sprucing up the house another common New Year’s resolution, especially for recent movers. If you’re going to be heading up ladders and crouching under cabinets, you’ll need a comfy and flexible shoe that you don’t mind getting a bit worse for wear. We’d recommend one of our slip-on pumps.

4: Getting in shape

This one’s a classic, and the reason that gym workers all over the country find themselves working overtime throughout January. If you’re one of those who promised yourself you were going to get in shape this year, keep your promise by treating yourself to a stylish new trainer. If you feel confident in your workout-wear, you’re more likely to enjoy your trips to the gym and keep up with them regularly. Elle Macpherson body, here we come! 

5: Travelling more

As we get older we’re constantly regretting not spending more of our youth travelling the world, but 2016 could be the year to change that. Whether you’re planning on experiencing more of the world by interrailing around Europe or backpacking Asia, having the right shoes with you on a long trip can make all the difference. You’ll need something sturdy, versatile, and lightweight that you can carry with you to avoid any foreign footwear mishaps.

So, put your best foot forward as you stride into 2016 with purpose. Even if we haven’t listed the perfect footwear for your personal resolution, you might find ta fitting pair of shoes to put you on the right path for 2016 in our extensive shoe range.

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