Put On Your Strictly Come Dancing Shoes

Strictly Come Dancing is the ultimate celebrity talent show, where we get to see some household names take to the floor. They may be entertaining, in a variety of ways, but it’s the outfits that get full marks from us.

So we’ve taken some inspiration from the stars, so that you too can cha-cha-cha into Christmas or even waltz into 2016. Whatever you prefer, here our top picks that guarantee you won’t be missing a step.

Put On Your Strictly Come Dancing Shoes and salsa


There are a number of different varieties of the salsa, but Cuban is the most common and the one danced on Strictly. Moving to the quick-quick slow Latino beat, it demands speed, coordination and loose hips.

The word salsa means “sauce”, so it’s no surprise it’s famous for being a bit of a fun and flirty dance. You will need a pair of shoes that reflect this hot and spicy attitude. Red is the traditional choice for a salsa outfit, so a pair of bright red shoes to match will look perfect. Latin dances normally require a higher heel compared to ballroom, but make sure they aren’t so high that you lose balance mid ‘Copa’!

  • Get the look
  •  Heavenly Soles Slingback Shoes Standard D Fit
  • Clarks Womens Image Dazzle Standard Fit
  • Lotus Geraldine Formal Shoes

Put On Your Strictly Come Dancing Shoes and waltz


The waltz is said to be the easiest, most graceful of all ballroom dances. It may appear so, but keeping posture and hold is not easy! This elegant, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing dance is a great place to start for beginners entering the ballroom world.

If you are planning on dancing the waltz, it is an ideal chance to get dolled up in the most glamorous of gowns! Gents traditionally wear white tie and tails, while ladies don their finest full length, dresses that swirl and sparkle. Elegant sandals or court shoes, with low heels, are the ideal choice for a twirl to this classic.

  • Get the look
  • Lotus Julienna Formal Shoes
  • Lotus Gloss Casual Shoes
  • Joanna Hope Court Shoes Wide E Fit

Put On Your Strictly Come Dancing Shoes and jive


The jive jumped across the pond during the Second World War, when American GIs charmed ladies on to dance floors with their upbeat steps. Lively and dynamic, the jive requires energy, quick footwork and lots of lifts. Bunny hops, swing lifts and leap-frogs, this number is sure to leave you breathless.

To be able to get right up on to the balls of your feet and keep your footwork really precise, a pair of flat pumps will make your life a lot easier. Take your pick from either a simple slip-on style or go full 1950s with a Mary Jane strap, which will also stop your shoes flying off during those flicks and kicks!

  • Get the look
  • Lotus Diamond Casual Shoes
  • Sole Diva Cross Strap Pumps EEE Fit
  • The Shoe Tailor Bar Ballerina Shoes Ultra Wide EEEEE Fit

For fancy, fast feet this festive season, check out the rest of our footwear to step into Christmas.


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